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Annarosa's Bakery


Annarosa's Bakery



Website design & development | Full custom photoshoot

Before & After


Custom Photoshoot

Kind Words

"I can’t express to you how beautiful, brilliant, and emotionally moving what you have created is to us. Jane and I are just blown away! The way you have put it together is art. I love the insertion of quotes that capture our theme. And the sequence that you presented our story embraces who we are.  I couldn’t believe the way the photos look …gorgeous. Masterfully framed and exposed. And the way you chose to arrange them was perfect! We loved the dynamic picture sequence of the 6 grain bread from shaping through final bake…real cool!

Working with Liz and Doug was not just a successful and worthwhile experience, it literally was a blast. They both demonstrated great insight into the needs and wants for our web site. As a powerful creative team they work fluidly together capturing the essence of the subject matter.   Liz knows how to tell the story and Doug knows how to capture it on film. 

By the end of the day we had become friends."


Liz Favini - Art Director | Designer
Doug Merriam - Specialized Food Photographer